About me

Greetings from the Six Feet Under Studio!

Thank you for finding my webshop! Here you can find items related to my solo work that I have been producing straight from my basement "Six Feet Under Studio" since May of 2020.

The store will sell items ranging from your classic must have merchandise (t-shirts! Totes! beanies) to special projects and collaborations with local artists.

The philosophy behind this store is that I don't want to compromise on the quality, beauty and eco consciousness of the products sold here. I want to make items that you will love using, wearing, and that look beautiful even to those who don't even know my music at all.

Sustainability is important to me and the items in this store reflect that. While still leaving a footprint, the T-shirts and sweaters in this store all carry the following certifications:

- Global Recycled Standard
- Global Organic Textile Standard
- Peta Approved VEGAN
- Organic Content Standard
- Fair Wear

Happy shopping, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to hit that 'contact' button!